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Papuan Teaching Movement (GPM)

Yohana Pulalo , The Founderof Gerakan Papua Mengajar (GPM)

Gerakan Papua Mengajar (GPM) is one of the Papuan Teaching Movements which is founded in 2013 by Yohana Pulalo, a State Civil Servant (ASN) in the Papua Provincial Government. The movement established with some visions to encourage and support the youth people of Papua more specifically for the teenagers and kids. The central of the movement is in Jayapura, but it operates around the island of Papua, and specially remotely places of Papua. As we know, through the given video that they stood for educating and guiding the poor economical family’s children who could not get formal education.

Unlike in the classroom in general which is always tense and calm, playing and learning become the learning patterns of a group of children. They are one with the natural surroundings. Their jokes and laughter broke out in the middle of the learning process. Their cheerfulness often makes the teacher have to stop for a moment to laugh with the students.

They are children from the Papua Teaching Movement (GPM) study group in Jayapura City, Papua Province, which was founded on February 20, 2013. GPM was initiated by Yohana Pulalo, a State Civil Servant (ASN) in the Papua Provincial Government.

A student of GPM is Elvius Wakur who is 13 years old. He lives in Buper and joins the GPM study group because he thinks studying is important.

“Usually we learn to draw, count, listen to folk tales, read books, and write and read. I prefer to read fairy tale books, learn to count and read books, and study together,” said the student who is in class VI-A SMP YPPK Padang. That month.

Elvius Wakur is the son of Westen Wakur who lives in Buper, Waena. To reach his school, Elvius has to take a taxi from Expo to Padang Bulan, occasionally also hangs out with his brother who is studying at STM Kotaraja.

The chairman of the Papua Teaching Movement (GPM), Aleks Giyai, said the organization was founded on the initiative of Yohana Pulalo. He gathers GPM members now because he feels it is important to make teaching activities.

This is one of the Literacy developments in the land of Papua because by skilling the teenagers they will be easy to adapt with the globalization era which is about the tech but also showing ability by improved skills that hidden deep them.



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