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Reviewing Ideas For Advancing Education & Literacy in Papua- Christian Sohilit’s Presentation

The presentation shows how Papuans’ education going, not only the system of education but also Christian explains that how the weakness of Papuan teachers who can not take part in the education and technology development directly. Continuation, in the presentation Christian additionally, talking about the problems of Papua are not easy to solve because of the total which we can not count. The man said, but I want to show a screen about the statistic of Literacy and Education in Papua. Therefore, he presented with some statistic. The problem of Literacy in 2019 is not different than before and today.

This is one of the problem, I make to change Papua by Education and Literacy, I already being a part of Papuan Education Provincial Government, so I will make data to change. I will survey, Christian said, that I will send my members to every library to survey and take data and find the problem, So that we will resolve then.

Thus, The video is about a clarification of Papuan Education and Literacy.


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