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Why Papua Youth’s Literacy Founded?

Papuan Youth’s Community

Papua is an island located in eastern Indonesia, the world knows Papua as an island that has satisfying natural resources for development references in the international arena and even Indonesia itself. Many Papuan problems have become discussion points today. Seeing that the main duties and functions of the government are indeed undergoing regulation and the role of government as well as for other professions. However, through the perspective of Papua Youth’s Literacy, they see that Papuan children need a podium activity to review and provide an opportunity to equip themselves in finding solutions for Papua.

However, the lack of drivers and navigators has also become the main point for Papuan literacy so this small community called Papua Youth’s Literacy is here to promote closed spaces so far, so then encourage young people and young people to move into the world of literacy, it is also hoped that in the future, literacy activists can work in the world of journalism, literature and linguistics.

Vision: To become a Papuan literacy mediator community for Papuan millennials.

Mission: Through Papua Youth’s Literacy, children can move in the world of literacy in Papua, and Indonesia in general.

The founder of Papuan youth’s Literacy.


Published by Mr. Eman

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