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Joint Discussion of PKA FLATS Students from Paniai Regional Government Delegation

Lawang, Joint Discussion 15 Students of Flats Lawang Bible Truth Training (PKA) who will soon enter the world of lectures or to universities. This activity has been going on for approximately one hour in June (06/25/2022), next to the PKA FLATS training building.

Yafet Tebay who was the discussion guide said that the discussion that was held was for the future of his friends and himself, but also for Paniai itself.

“Let’s discuss this is an important matter, because it’s not only about our future, but also about Paniai’s future,” explained Yafet, that was received by

In the discussion, each participant took turns explaining their opinions and feelings, one of them said don’t listen to other people’s words, but stay with the dream you have to enter the dream campus.

“Prhisikila Kossay who dreams of becoming a businesswoman said; “we have to enter the campus we want, so that there is no pain with every decision that will be made with the government and the YKED.”

She continued, we must consistently hold on to our dreams and targets,” said Kossay.

 As senior brother, Marpin Kayame suggested that each of the younger delegation of Paniai local governement involved in the meeting decide what they wanted.

“I want you, brothers and sisters to decide according to their hearts, because when you decide on things that you are not passionate about, there will be feelings of laziness, despair and so on. So, you have to make a good decision, brothers and sisters,” Kayame said with a rather firm heart.

Meanwhile, Yafet Tebay again mentioned important points that will be discussed in the Zoom Meeting with YKED and the Paniai Regional Government.

“So, when the meeting takes place, we have to discuss the matter of the initial agreement with the local government, placement of departments, campuses, dormitories, and monthly fees later,” concluded Tebay. (*)

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